Illustrator CS4 designs

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line john lennon

John Lennon Imagine

This is a project that was done for school using Adobe Illustrator cs4. It was designed from tracing photos and using multi layers. The project was to choose a prominent figure and design a poster ad. I chose, "Imagine there's no hunger" a event that Hard Rock Cafe promotes.

line nantucket nite


This is another school project that was created in Adobe Illustrator cs4. The project was to design a web site home page for a tourism state or island using Illustrator that could later be animated with Flash. I chose Nantucket Island and the idea behind this design is that the light house would shine on the links as the mouse hovered over them. The sky would also change to night and stars would twinkle.

line giraffe


This illustration was designed for a nursery collection catalog cover. I used the illustration with the companies logo to give the logo a children's look and feel. The design was created using Adobe Illustrator cs4.

line Bunny


This illustration was created to go along with the giraffe. This design was created using Adobe Illustrator cs4.

line Door Sign

Atlantic Furniture Sign

This sign was created for Atlantic Furniture using Adobe Illustrator cs4.


Logo Designs

line black goose

Black Goose Bristo

This is a logo that I created for a School project. The class was given a restaurant name and a menu. We then needed to design a web site. This was designed using Adobe Illustrator cs4.

line charge for cancer

Charge for Cancer

This logo was designed for a class project. The title was charge for cancer so I choose to use the pink ribbon shape to represent cancer and used "charge for the cure" as the slogan for the charity. This was designed using Adobe Illustrator cs4.

line heating solution 2 logo house

Multi Heating Solutions

These are finished examples of some ideas that I presented to a client for his heating installation and repair company. They were designed using Adobe Illustrator cs4.


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